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Understanding Aerospace Chemical Propulsion Book Pdf

Understanding Aerospace Chemical Propulsion Book Pdf

Aerospace chemical propulsion is the science and engineering of producing thrust by burning propellants in rockets, jet engines, and other devices. Chemical propulsion is widely used for launching satellites, exploring space, and powering aircraft. Understanding aerospace chemical propulsion requires knowledge of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, combustion, chemistry, and materials.

Understanding Aerospace Chemical Propulsion Book Pdf

One of the books that covers this topic in depth is by Stephen D. Heister, William E. Anderson, Timothée Pourpoint, and R. Joseph Cassady. This book is published by Cambridge University Press and is available in PDF format online. The book provides a modern pedagogical treatment of the latest industry trends in rocket propulsion, developed from the authors extensive experience in both industry and academia.

The book guides the readers along a step-by-step journey through modern rocket propulsion, beginning with the historical context and an introduction to top-level performance measures, and progressing to in-depth discussions of the chemical aspects of fluid flow combustion thermochemistry and chemical equilibrium, solid, liquid, and hybrid rocket propellants, mission requirements, and finally to an overview of electric propulsion. The book features a wealth of homework problems, numerous real-life case studies and examples, an appendix detailing key numerical methods, and links to additional online resources.

The book covers design approaches for all types of chemical rockets (including solid, liquid, and hybrid propellants) and electric propulsion. It also provides techniques for analysis of engine and motor operation, and system and vehicle level performance. The book is a must-have for senior and first-year graduate students looking to gain a thorough understanding of the topic along with practical tools that can be applied in industry.

Another book that offers an understanding of aerospace chemical propulsion is by H.S. Mukunda. This book is published by Interline Publishing Pvt Ltd and is also available in PDF format online. The book provides an understanding of propulsion systems through illustrative description of the systems; analysis of modeled systems; examination of the performance of real systems in this light; discussion on design aspects; comparison between different systems; and identification of future trends.

The book covers various aspects of aerospace chemical propulsion such as thermodynamics, kinetics, combustion processes, propellant characteristics, nozzle flow, engine performance, design criteria, system integration, and environmental issues. The book also includes several examples and problems to enhance the learning process. The book is suitable for undergraduate and graduate students as well as professionals working in the field of aerospace engineering.

Both books are excellent sources of information for anyone interested in learning more about aerospace chemical propulsion. They provide comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge on the subject with clear explanations and illustrations. They can be downloaded as PDF files from the links provided above.


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